I contribute essays to a number of publications, drawing from resources in Christian social and political theory, the broader Western tradition of political thought, and contemporary social science to address questions relevant to public policy.

Dueling Anti-Racisms: Two Views on Promoting Racial Justice in Twenty-First Century America. Public Discourse.

How We Reason about Covid Tradeoffs. The New Atlantis.

Social Control and Human Dignity. Law and Liberty.

Experts, Politicians, and the Public: The Science and Art of Collective Decision-Making in a Free Society. Public Discourse.

Harrington’s Cake: Institutions, Power, and Virtue. The Imaginative Conservative.

How Many Hospital Beds Are Enough? Law and Liberty.

Invoking the Tradition: Catholic Social Teaching in Policy Debates. Public Discourse.

Thinking Constitutionally. National Affairs.

Ruling Our Selves: The Right Kind of Regime Change. Law and Liberty.

Pilgrims in Our Own Country: The Christian Confession and the Christian Conundrum. Public Discourse.

Of Gentlemen and Justice. Law and Liberty.

Political Institutions Can’t Foster Virtue, They Can Only Channel Vice. Law and Liberty.

Federalism in the Trump Era: Conservatives Should Commit to Decentralization. TribTalk.

What’s True about Citizenship? Law and Liberty.

National Sovereignty, Political Idea of the Year. Law and Liberty.

The False Promises of Presidential Leadership. Law and Liberty.

Putnam’s Quest for Community. Law and Liberty.

Purpose Creep and its Discontents: Reclaiming Almost-Chosen-Nation Status (Part 2). Providence.

Purpose Creep and its Discontents: Reclaiming Almost-Chosen-Nation Status (Part 1). Providence.

The American Dream in Crisis: It’s Time for a New Moynihan Moment. Public Discourse.

Federal Micromanagement of Gun Safety Won’t Work. The New York Times.

The Gun Debate, Now Amplified by Terrorist Threats. The New York Times.

Can a Person Choose Death with Dignity? Ethika Politika.

Gun Availability Isn’t Gun Culture. Intercollegiate Review.

Does Tocqueville Offer a Solution to Islam’s Internal Conflict? Intercollegiate Studies Institute.

Is Sisi a Burkean? Intercollegiate Studies Institute.

Conservatives Are Responsible for Liberalism. Intercollegiate Studies Institute.